Feature - Afta Hill

Instead of doing a question/ answer this time around, I had a chance to have a conversation with Afta, and learn about him and his music. Here's what he had to share. 


I started making music when I was 11, literally messing around on Garageband on my brother's macbook. At some point, something just clicked for me and honestly I'm not sure what is was. I think everyone is gifted with one artistic medium and this one was mine. Some people just don't realize it because they may not get the opportunity to explore it. My love for music grew as I listened to the likes of James Blake, Danny Brown, Childish Gambino, Kanye West, and Frank Ocean. They all tell their honest story, by any means necessary with disregard as to how people perceive them. I grew to want to show others that their voice is valuable and that every story is interesting in its own way. I began to make music for myself, regardless of any outside noise, and focusing on the art alone. Singing allows me to express myself through poetry, and through the use of poetic devices transcend the english language. My parents loved my singing, when it was a hobby. They were obviously skeptical as it got serious, but learned to realize that this wasn't just a fad that was going to come and go. A lot of people do tell me that they can hear the Persian influence in my music, and for this I would credit them for surrounding myself with Irani music as a kid. As my artistry grew, I wanted to further represent and incorporate my culture organically throughout my message. That's where I resonated with loveclosely; to me it was a message embracing your soul, creativity, and love - regardless of others. 


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Taha Yousuf