Carry A Taste of home

Woven fabric inscribed with the poem "Do not ask for my first love again".

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Knitwear Tote BagKnitwear Tote Bag
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Knitwear Tote Bag

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Small Knitwear ScarfSmall Knitwear Scarf
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Small Knitwear Scarf

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Knitwear ScarfKnitwear Scarf
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Knitwear Scarf

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knitwear unisex hoodieknitwear unisex hoodie
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knitwear unisex hoodie

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Vogue Feature

Vogue Feature

Love Closely was featured in Vogue Arabia for their Love Ends collection as part of a trend forecast for the 2023 year. 

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We create meaningful, luxury streetwear rooted in tradition, culture, and history. With each piece, the brand hopes to blend modern art and fashion, and inspire social consciousness within its community; specifically the vast amount of forgotten beauty from the East.

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