About Us

As worn by Yuna, Roy Woods, Krewella, Meesha Shafi, Ali Gatie, Freek TV, and AJ Saudin

 MISSON: Inspiring each other to pursue our creative passions, ignoring the mainstream to resonate with the individual identities within the beauty of our diverse community; to discover and cherish what truly makes us content and at peace.

WHAT WE BELIEVE: We believe in making statements in everything we do. We want to empower the modern [man/woman] to create without hesitation and express themselves to their full potential We believe in being in touch with your personal identity and the freedom of self-expression without judgement. We value self-development and self-exploration. For us, everything starts with you.

HOW WE GOT THERE: We live in an age of connectivity. Everything you take with you matters. Everything you wear is a statement. Your wardrobe is an extension of your spirit. We believe in making connections and we want you to wear something you can proudly talk about with your family and friends. You shine when you're proud.

WHAT WE CREATE: We create meaningful street wear rooted in tradition, culture and history. With each piece, we hope to blend modern art and fashion and inspire social consciousness within our community. Specifically, the vast amount of forgotten poetry, art, and culture from the Middle East. By connecting the two worlds together, we are hopeful to expose our community to the beauty of different cultures and traditions, and create a new avenue of learning as a choice rather than a lesson.