We work with a Canadian clothing manufacturer, producing goods locally, and internationally in Pakistan & China. In order to combat our concerns with ethical fashion, we directly interact with our factories to ensure we address exploitation of child workers, and adult workers through unsuitable work environments, forced overtime, and subjection to physical and verbal abuse. Internal audits are performed on a regular basis, and compliance standards are met with regularly authorities. We hope to also further improve our ethical standards through expansion, and pivot our factories solely to the Middle East / South Asia in the future. 

Our factories have appropriate policies and controls in place to ensure minimizing of waste production and enforce protection of the environment. We recognize that cotton production, and specifically polyester can have an adverse impact on the world; our mission is focused on empowering our community, and as such are striving to ensure we reduce the use of poly-based fabrics and better our environmental footprint. All our pieces are not meant to be fast fashion, and are meant to last as essential wardrobe items to be worn for years. We are aiming to further better our sustainable apparel lines in the future through future releases. Stay tuned for more!