Shipping & Returns


All orders are typically processed over the weekend, and sent out latest by Monday. Shipping can take anywhere from 5-15 days, depending on country. Yes, we do ship internationally! And we provide tracking for all orders. If you've ordered something recently, we would have emailed you a tracking number with which to track your order. 

Returns & Exchanges

We pride ourselves on providing quality apparel and accessories. However, due to the large volume of orders, sometimes we do miss things. In the case that you need to return an item, please contact us within 30 days of order in order to figure out how to perform a return or exchange. Please provide us with 1) your order #, and 2) an explanation of what's up with your purchase. We'll ensure to remediate and provide you with a solution as soon as possible. You can feel comfortable that we'll get you your money back if needed. 


"My order says delivered but I didn't receive it!" 

"My order has said in transit for the longest time!" 

If any one of the above apply to you, here's what you need to know. 

We use the most reliable carriers in the business (Canada Post, United States Postal Service, and Fedex). However, once in a blue moon, accidents can happen, even by them. If there's a situation where you don't get your order within a reasonable time, or your order doesn't get to you, no need to worry. We're here to help you by contacting the carrier and figuring out exactly what happened to your package. In the worst case scenario, we will ensure that one way or another, we either get your apparel to you, or get you your money back.